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Many humans are living “projects” at times in our lives. We keep moving and achieving what’s of value to us despite all odds, and sometimes maintaining our self-love and self-respect in the midst of adversity is the greatest success of all.

“Things are only impossible until they’re not.”
~Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Co-author and project director of Standing Naked In Rose Petals, a healer’s memoir about the life of Eleanora Amendolara, published in 2012.

Partner / Development Executive (U.S.) at Media Classics production company (U.K.), director and producer for ASAOPE Independent FilmWorks, LLC–TUCHT feature film, and visionary healing artist. Originator/Creator/Writer/Producer of original art, film, literary, music, radio (live and podcasts), television, theater, and online projects in concept, pitch, treatment, development and production phases, and completed.

It’s best to view my LinkedIn Profile to access a comprehensive description of my professional experiences and vision for the future. I would love for you to connect with me there!

“I had a near-death experience in Cusco, Peru in 2006. I’m grateful to be alive, committed to doing what I love, loving what I do, and contributing in the ways I can to help others become the star that they are.” ~Val

Testimonials: Journalism & Media Arts & Creative Counseling/Healing Arts

Ancestry: African, Native American (Cherokee, Creek, Seminole), English and Welsh.

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