The Sarah’s Last Words project will have audio and video podcasts with information and updates to document the process, and to share information and to keep you up-to-date. Meanwhile, here are a few podcasts to inform and entertain you from The Healing Artist Studio Project on Blog Talk Radio (my Internet radio channel for special events).

The Greater Reality: Charles Neville, The Neville Brothers

Join producer and host Valerie Michele at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in the re-broadcast of a special interview featuring Charles Neville of the Grammy Award-winning NEVILLE BROTHERS. CHARLES NEVILLE wrote “Healing Chant” the song for which the band won a Grammy in 1989 for Best Pop Instrumental. The NEVILLE BROTHERS have sold millions of records worldwide and have gold and platinum records in six (6) different countries. Charles talks about the impact of spirituality on the brothers growing up, how his own personal spirituality has evolved, what his grandmother meant when she told him he was born with “a veil over his eyes,” the purpose behind the music they create and sing, and what is close to his heart about the city of New Orleans.

The Greater Reality: Numerology and Star Creation Treasure

TREASURE SHARES: NEIL BAKER and VALERIE MICHELE OLIVER share their gifts with each other during this podcast: a Psychic Numerology Reading for VAL and an Angel-Guided Star Creation Sigil Constellaiton for NEIL.  

The Greater Reality: Soul Healing and More

TREASURE SHARES: SOUL HEALING, SPIRITUAL CONSUMERISM, and whatever strikes our fancy with VALERIE MICHELE and Special Guest Star, D.K. BRAINARD (Writer, Musician, Astrologer, Hypnotherapist) of Words For the People – Personal Evolution Astrology. HIGHLIGHTS: What has been the most challenging concept for us to accept in the Greater Reality consciousness? How close are we as adults to our childhood career dreams? Is “not being enough” an aspect of spiritual consumerism? SPONSORED BY: STEFANINA CAMPIONE of Coaching By the Numbers

The Greater Reality: Know Your Numbers

Special guest star, Gifted Numerologist, STEFANIE CAMPIONE of Coaching By the Numbers, uses the power of numbers to chart life events, romantic compatibility, career direction, and insights into our personality to help create our new storiesEvery reading she conducted for callers ended with hearty and sincere appreciation and gratitude. (Schedule Your Appointment: 843.427.4227) SPONSORED BY | Sacred Center Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences: The Mystery School (Become a Sponsor!)

Healing and the Greater Reality: The New Stories

When we embrace the Greater Reality, healing is not about fixing ourselves. Join VALERIE MICHELE with ELEANORA AMENDOLARA of Sacred Center for the Healing Arts for a new story of healing conversation. This podcast received over 2600 listens in less than 24 hours with more than 200 LIVE listeners! That’s the HIGHEST NUMBER OF LIVE LISTENERS EVER for one of the programs I produce and host.

On the Air! Inside A Producer’s Meeting

Val has multiple years as a producer but often plays ignorant and passive in this meeting with her new co-producer with whom she’s been friends for a number of years. The dynamic in their friendship transfers to their co-producer relationship with some amusing results.

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