Documentary Film

Information and updates about the documentary film.

The documentary film is expected to be the first component to be produced for the Sarah’s Last Words memoir project, as it will serve to record the hypnosis sessions required to reclaim my lost memories that will be used as vital storytelling content for the book, and as a key component of the marketing platform.

Thus far, the plan is to hire a talented, senior student director/filmmaker from my graduate school alma mater (Tisch School of the Arts, New York University) or another school film department, who may or may not wish to use the experience as a documentary film thesis project.

Also, there is the possibility to attract and secure involvement by a film production company for financial support (development, pre-production, production,  post-production, distribution).

If possible, it would be great for the hypnotherapist to consider the sessions as an exchange for free publicity for the service they provide, as the person will be receiving visibility through the documentary film and the memoir book.

Stay tuned here for updates.

2 Responses to Documentary Film


    via LinkedIn . . . Received an email from a producer/director working on a feature film with some award-winning cast and crew concerning interest in Last Words as a feature film. We are trying to schedule a lunch meeting.

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