Dreams & Short Stories E-book

If you’ve come to this page after purchasing and reading or reading and listening to the booktrack of the short story tale entitled Gifts, thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed it!

The Dreams and Short Stories of Sarah’s Last Words e-book is the third component of the this memoir project: the first being a documentary film, and the second, the memoir book.

The Dreams and Short Stories of Sarah’s Last Words will include a real-time soundtrack to be produced on the Booktrack™ digital publishing platform.

Premiere! I’m sharing the first beta interactive multimedia test version of my short story, Gifts. I’ve integrated literary and cinematic elements (music score, ambient effects and sound effects) to this tale to expand and enhance the storytelling experience. It’s all so fresh, and we are all at the beginning of the beginning of this new frontier in self-publishing applications.

Gifts is the top (#1) read booktrack in the romance, short story category!

Feel free to review and leave comments regarding your experience to help fine-tune this new interactive, publishing platform made available by Booktrack™ based in New Zealand.

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