Book Description

How far is she willing to go to claim her mother’s last words and become her own true identity?

SARAH’S LAST WORDS is the story of a woman who is on a quest to claim her dying mother’s last words to her and become her own true identity. The mother, aware of her short time to live, summons each child to her bedside for a private goodbye and her last words. One daughter is not there to honor her request.

Valerie Michele begins telling a story at a hospital in Savannah, Georgia at the bedside of her terminally ill mother, Sarah. It was the last day she would see her alive, and the first time she would become homeless (physical and soul). Val was addicted to drugs and left the hospital to get high despite her dying mother’s weak pleas for her to stay.  After a four-hour drive home, Val received a call from her siblings and maternal grandmother only to learn of her mother’s death. Val begins to regret not having been able to share those final moments and last words with her mother.

As I use the word “home”, I do not mean only the physical, or even parental, aspect of the usual home. I am speaking of whatever has given us our first feeling of stability, the feeling that we “belong” to something fundamental and vital, something with a past and a future, something that has roots and is to us also a life-giving root. Every person needs this feeling of stability. No one can really understand or give value to the many events occurring around him and to the varied encounters with people who pass and go unless he can refer them to something that is stable, a mentally significant, and emotionally satisfying “frame of reference”. The question is: Where do we find it?”
~ Dane Rudhyar,
Author/Composer/Humanistic Astrologer

How far are you willing to go to reclaim your lost memories?

Join Val as she revisits her past through hypnosis sessions and moves to an enlightened future.
Her story includes recovering lost memories that includes child abuse; becoming homeless (external and internal); rediscovering the history of her relationship to the mystical, spiritual realms; and exploring her love of the arts, its dark and healing transformation properties.

It’s funny how my fear (shadow) can’t exist without light for its close-up. It’s Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. It’s an actor who wants to step into my role as director AND be the star! It’s afraid of being a has-been, so my creative challenge is to relegate it to smaller and smaller bit parts so we can live in peace. This is my ideal approach to my relationship with fear. ~Valerie Michele Oliver,
Writer/Director/Producer/Healing Artist

In a momentous near-death experience she comes face-to-face with her mother. She discovers a strange, obsessive co-dependency with Sarah that drives her to pursue learning what her mother’s last words would have been to her at any cost.  This leads to planning the creation of Sarah’s Last Words and discovering the significant role homelessness has played in this project and her life.

SARAH’S LAST WORDS is an innovative, creative nonfiction memoir that will engage readers who have lost loved ones; have been homeless; have experienced and survived child abuse, child neglect, or other forms of violence; have lived life to the extreme; consider themselves to be outsiders, troublemakers, eccentrics, or dreamers; are gifted artists, healers, light-workers, life coaches or ministers; have a relationship to the supernatural, mystical or spiritual realms; have unresolved issues with the dead or the living; long to see the dearly departed; have had a near death experience; harbor a deep regret;  or are searching for their own identity, meaning and purpose in life to become the authentic, divine human of their dreams.

. . . your Individuality is born through and arises from the Foundations and Roots of your journey which ultimately connects you to all of your fellow humans, and ultimately to all forms of Life, and your need to be True to Oneself must never result in the Harm to another . . .
~Bill Attride, The Astrologer

Join Val on her adventurous and courageous journey.

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