Director of “Tucht”, A Feature Film Grounded In Healing Child Abuse (A Theme In This Memoir)

TUCHT Poster Revised

UPDATE: This project is on hiatus as the screenwriter/co-director had a major, traumatic life event that has affected his ability to move forward with “Tucht” at this time. Let’s all keep him in our prayers. (04/05/18)


I am very happy and grateful to announce that I have been selected as the director of and a producer for the independent feature film, TUCHT, an Unati Independent Filmworks production with support from the makers of the OSCAR-winning films ABOUT SCHMIDT, ALI, and A BEAUTIFUL MIND. (Visit my Internet Movie Database page).

TUCHT is a raw, gritty psycho-thriller/dark-comedy inspired by the true-story of 8 remarkable lives that depicts — unflinchingly — the exigent social-welfare issue of Child Abuse, and its related issues of Suicidal-Depression, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, and Homicidal-Tendencies. TUCHT shares the undeniably proven POWER of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and FORGIVENESS to heal even the most horrific of human conditions.

The screenwriter and co-director of TUCHT, Alex Molina, is dedicated to pioneering change in cinema.

Visit the TUCHT Internet Movie Database page for updates on cast, crew and release date info.

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4 Responses to Director of “Tucht”, A Feature Film Grounded In Healing Child Abuse (A Theme In This Memoir)

  1. This is wonderful Val! Wishing you continued success!

  2. Thank you Colored People Network! I hope we can connect and have a conversation about the film in the future.

  3. Carol G. says:

    What a fabulous project, Val! Keep me posted!

  4. Thanks @Carol! Will keep you in the loop, my friend. Hope all is well with you.

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