#WithOutaHome: First Experience (Burning Down the House)

Credit: Homeless of the World (Blog), “Rayhan Raj, Hope for the homeless children of Bangladesh”, posted on August 2, 2012 by Darryl.

“Homelessness was a positive step toward solving other problems.”
Survival Guide To Homelessness, “How To Solve Homelessness”, Saturday, May 28, 2011

Since I’ve begun reviewing my life and now clearly recognize homelessness as a pattern that began in my childhood, I have chosen to record some of what I remember in this blog for the “Sarah’s Last Words” memoir project.

I decided to research blogs written by people without homes as a way to fuel my writing, and came across the quote above that attracted to me. I’m curious to discover if it is true concerning my experiences, beginning with the first incident that occurred due to a fire on April 20, 1968 that began on Avon Avenue and Bergen Street, Newark, NJ. This is a first hand account by a firefighter who was at the scene that day (credit: “Newark NJ Conflagration 04/20/68”, youngstownfire.com forum, posted on December 1, 2o10 by Alvin201, Firefighter)

View a brief VIDEO CLIP of the fire sourced from a documentary film titled “Life of a Newark Fireman. 1960’s” on YouTube about Newark’s bravest produced by VIDDIOTS.COM PRODUCTION in the year 2000.

Story to come . . .

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