First Beta Test for Adding A Soundtrack Is Complete

ImagePremiere! I’m sharing the first beta interactive multimedia test version of my short story, Gifts. I’ve integrated literary and cinematic elements (music score, ambient effects and sound effects) to this tale to expand and enhance the storytelling experience. It’s all so fresh, and we are all at the beginning of the beginning of this new frontier in self-publishing applications.

Feel free to review and leave comments regarding your experience to help fine-tune this new publishing platform made available by Booktrack™ based in New Zealand.

The next step planned for this project is to revise the content for the Dreams and Short Stories of Sarah’s Last Words and to use the Booktrack™ platform to create a new soundtrack and sound effects for them for further beta testing. Do contact me if you’re a music supervisor or composer who would like to explore collaborating with me.

Technical notes:

1) ) You can control synchronizing the reading & soundtrack speed of the story using the (+) and (- ) icons located at the bottom right of each page.

Click here to experience Gifts.
A Booktrack™-sponsored production.

Imagine, innovate, play and create without fear of failure.

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