Submissions Open For 2012 | Please Do Share!

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OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS (2012) | You are invited to share the last words spoken to you by your loved ones to become a contributor to the Sarah’s Last Words project (Read Book Description). Select COMMENTS under this post to contribute last words. Enclose it in quotes (e.g., “Always take care of your grandmother”}, or you can paraphrase what you remember to the best of your ability. If you wish, include what your relationship was to the person who spoke them to you, the circumstances, and how their final words have impacted your life.

Select quotes are planned to be included in the book or film. Perhaps, if a generous amount of stories are contributed, they may be included as a separate chapter, or at the beginning or end of each chapter, or even in a film. Please indicate the name you would like used in a credit or if you want to be credited as “Anonymous.”

Also, you can read stories people are posting on Facebook: I had my dad’s last smile . . . I will treasure that moment for the rest of my life. — Facebook Friend

Thank you in advance for sharing last words.

Love, light and peace,



  • Entries selected for publication in SARAH’S LAST WORDS will require expressed permission by you to use the story content in any format and distribution medium, including literary, audio, electronic or print publication, television, and documentary film. Selected entries will be posted on the SARAH’S LAST WORDS BOOK blog and we will contact you via email to secure your permission.
  • Be sure to enter your email address when posting your entry to receive permission requests and notification when versions are published and available.
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2 Responses to Submissions Open For 2012 | Please Do Share!

  1. Weasle Ahlstrom Forsythe says:

    My mother died in childbirth, and the last words she said to my father were, “I love you. Give her my love.” My father was later murdered by my stepmother, who told me while she was telling me how she poisioned my father, and left him to die on the kitchen floor, that she hated me because his last words were: “Biscuit, Baby Biscuit, I love you. I’m not leaving you. I love you”. “baby biscuit” was my englisch trindlname from my father. He died repeating my mothers words to me.

    • What powerful stories Weasle. It’s taken me some time to post a reply because I didn’t feel capable and “present” enough to do so. Your experience is a mix of both tragedy and love. It’s amazing to me how strong and insistent love can be in the midst of painful, horrible, situations like the deaths of your mother and father. To me those last words are such a gift, such a bright energy of light for you. They are what Native American, indigenous healers and shaman people call MEDICINE. You have my heart gratitude for sharing them. Much love and blessings to you (and healing too).

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