“Sarah’s Last Words” Project Update: Hard to Believe It’s Been Over a Year!

It’s incredible to me that a year has passed since my last post here. The truth is that I’ve been going through changes that have had an impact on moving forward on this project. I’m certain my discoveries and experiences will impact this project. Most of my attention has been on my other two blogs: The Healing Artist Studio and the Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse Music Project. Plus, I became a partner in a new film production company in the U.K. (Media Classics) in October 2011. Also, I broadcast on The Healing Artist Studio internet radio channel.

In June 2012, I connected with a writer/actress who suggested that I join forces with her to create “Sarah’s Last Words” as a low budget short film. In this way, it could serve as a calling card, a marketing tool for the creative nonfiction book project. I’ve also been in touch with an independent agent/producer in LA, who may be interested in it as a reality-docudrama. So, you see my dilemma? Which way to go with it and in what order?

Well, I am in need of an agent or manager for guidance; one who has had success in the literary, film and TV areas (a transmedia approach). Any suggestions? I’m open to them. Honestly, my intuitive guidance says the right person for me is so very close. It’s also possible I may become connected to a good agent through my relationship with Media Classics.

Meanwhile it’s . . . 2012 Open Submissions time to share your loved one’s last words for this project so I’m ready to shift into high gear at the green light – Click Here.

Also, feel free to listen to Kokopelli’s Lounge: “What Do We Believe About Love?” It’s the most recent program event on The Healing Artist Studio channel, and has the distinction of having the largest listening audience of all my radio programs. I was thinking about the effects of PTSD I developed as a child. I needed to answer the call to go deeper into my own experiences with love as reflected in and inspired by music.

I hope you enjoy it and it gets you to thinking about your own relationship with love.

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2 Responses to “Sarah’s Last Words” Project Update: Hard to Believe It’s Been Over a Year!

  1. Judi Silvano says:

    Val – great to see your work up here… My mother and one of my good friends and my mother-in-law just passed in the past few months…. how amazing…. we will talk… best JUDI

    • My dear Judi, I am so sorry to hear about the multiple deaths in your life. I know you made it a priority to spend time with your mother during the relatively few years that we have known one another. I can’t imagine the loss you must feel. Here’s a virtual hug for you (and Joe) until we see each other in person. Much light, love, and the sweetest of blessings to you.

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