BlogTracks: You Dig, Dig, Dig. What Have You Got There? Gold!

Yesterday, I received a double rainbow during a nap in what I think was a dream even though I felt like I was awake. Now this is quite fascinating to me because I’ve been viewing and listening to a song titled “Wishery” (a remix of a song from Walt Disney’s Snow White that I discovered through one of the Facebook groups. This led me to thinking about mining for gold within myself and others as a healing artist. The gold nuggets I’m talking about are mental, emotional, physical, electromagnetic and spiritual energy that can yield treasure in many forms.

I don’t know about you, but for many years I have loved the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” made famous by Judy Garland singing it in the film, The Wizard of Oz. It taught me to believe I had to travel over it to get to “the pot of gold” to transmute and transform the stress and troubles of my life to beauty, peace, and tranquility. It seemed so far away, so way up high, too high, and how do I get to it?

It took me gently digging into my self with a master healer as my guide to discover the answer that I had forgotten: I AM the rainbow. The rainbow that exists above also exists below: the rapture of the double rainbow – the rainbow of love. Every person is a living rainbow to me, the manifestation of the rainbow light here on earth, and can come to believe that they are the true Wiz of their life. I don’t want to get into a conflict with any fans of leprechauns, but I am proof that the pot of gold is not over the rainbow but instead within me. Those nuggets and gems are within each of us, ready to be accessed, retrieved, revealed in the hidden places in our minds, physical and energy forms, hearts and spirits when we are ready to awaken, heal, and live the lives we dare to dream.

Music artists: Judy Garland, Lena Horne, Keith Jarret, Carole King, Tania Maria, and Stevie Wonder

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Love, light and and a wonder-filled day to you!


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One Response to BlogTracks: You Dig, Dig, Dig. What Have You Got There? Gold!

  1. Val,
    I’m in complete alignment with you. What I found is that writing is the best way for me to dig into the gold mine of my being. One day, while walking around my two lakes, I met a gay man who pointed out a rainbow to me. I couldn’t see it because I had dark sunglasses on. When I removed them, I saw TWO rainbows, perched directly over my apartment building. That’s how life is. You must take off the rose-tinted glasses to see the truth and, if your glasses are too dark, you could miss all the bright beauty of life. Also, that beautiful morning, the moon was in the sky, along with fluffy white clouds and there were sun showers falling on my head! So, when I got back to my computer, I immediately penned my book “The Moon, Sun Showers, Rainbows and Whipped Cream Clouds”.

    Someone said at a book fair I participated in last month that we shouldn’t write books with the intention of making a lot of money. I agree. I have published nine books, including the one mentioned above and, I have to admit, I have sold a million copies of any of them, yet. But writing them, publishing them and sharing them with others makes me feel worth a million! First, people realize that I am industrious and have something to say. Secondly, I recognize my own “transformation and transmutation” from a mediocre being to a Divine Being of Light, Love and Music.

    Writing is transformational. Like music, which I consider to be the “mastery of mind”, writing is like using a pick and shovel to dig deep down into the crevices of your soul. Often, I wondered why and how people wrote books, before I began writing my own. Then, I understood, after taking 13 months to produce my first book “In Pursuit of a Melody”, that it is the best therapy I could have ever engaged in. Now, I’m teaching others how to write and publish their own lives. My workshop – Write Your Life takes people through the process from beginning to end.

    Learn more about my books and workshop at
    and thanks for this post!

    Joan Cartwright

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