BlogTracks: Soundtracks Included In Blog Posts


BlogTracks is the name of a new format I’m using to integrate my love of blogging, creative nonfiction memoir writing, film, and music to prepare for this Sarah’s Last Words project which will have a music supervisor for the e-book and film versions when the technology is up to speed. I hope you enjoy this premiere entry and I would love to read your comments.

Little Red Riding Hood, You Sure Are Looking Good . . .
People keep telling me that there’s a holding pattern energy around for me (and for so many of others who are just practically going crazy with the need for our paths to be CLEAR and FREE). Notice that I said path(s) (multiple streams). Then again, the way the energy is flowing for me, it could turn out to be another of what Lauren Gorgo calls a “sike!” in her latest Conscious Co-Creation Coaching post entitled,”Reassessing, Redirecting and Resetting.” It’s the Trickster!

Put The Lime In The Coconut And Then You’ll Feel Better
I spoke to Eleanora Amendolara recently, and received the guidance that there’s still yet another FEAR imprint that’s interfering with me emerging as fully authentic to do-what-I-was-brought-back-from-death-to-do. I’m sooooo closing in on the amazing life of my technicolor dreams (while I’m helping others, getting help, and receiving more knowledge about the best ways to serve in the future). I can’t gaily move forward without responding to the Creator’s guidance on the actions to take for a complete transformation (or close to it) of old issues to be resolved or dissolved before moving forward into my new life so they won’t sabotage this time around. More to CHILL leading to the essence of FREEDOM.

I want to call family and friends and new contacts today. But first, I know I need to focus on transforming or correcting those fears and other things that are sticking their tongue out at me saying, “Nah-nah-naaaah-nah!” My reply? “Hey, hey, hey — Goodbye.”

Twinkle, Twinkle, Everybody Is A Star
Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be accepted for the star who they truly are; the healer, the peacemaker, the the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, the little girl who lives down the lane? I AM that I AM. And so sang Gloria Gaynor with a twist on it in a super hot, disco theme about gay (and other) self acceptance. And I am so chopping at the bits to act, do, move, accomplish, and succeed. I write proposals, make phone calls, consult with my business manager, consult with my mentor, consult with friends, and trust the supportive energy of discernment concerning people, places, ways, and things that are or aren’t for me anymore and vice versa. God bless us everyone, no regrets, and thanks for the memories.

In the meantime . . . I will continue to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, here and my other blogs when I can and have the interest, flying in the face of all the social media experts do’s and dont’s to be successful at online communication. May be right, may be wrong, or may be until a new way comes along. But then again, these could be my last words said the turtle to the bird: “I believe I can fly.”

Maybe this is why when I see so many of you speeding around, driving so fast in cars passing me on the highways impatient that I’m enjoying the scenery, I try not to judge any of it. I get that the earth has picked up speed, but wonder what’s YOUR hurry. Are you late for a very important date, or just on fast forward? I don’t mean to upset or disrespect how you decide to move, but I’ve been in that tunnel in the Light and have to take life all in like it may be the first and last I remember. It’s safer and more fun to drive and watch what happens.


Music Artists: Andrea Bocelli, Bob Hope, Cast from Alice in Wonderland, Cast from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Declan O”Rourke, George Michael, Harry Nilsson, Jaicko, Michel Legrand, Phoebe Snow, R Kelly, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs and Steam.

Note: For those who are into lexigrams, this post has the following letters from ALL CAPS words vibrating big time: F, R, E, and A

Another Note: YouTube and other links were working as of the date of this post.

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