Why Aren’t There More Trickster Book & Film Stories?

HEYOKA : Lakota concept of trickster, contrarian, jester, satirist or sacred clown.

“Trickster stories were told to entertain and teach. Stories were usually left unexplained. This was done out of respect for the intelligence of both the listener and the Great Mystery. They hold deep meanings and no matter how you explain them there is always something left to ponder and “chew on” another day. Repeated tellings enable the listener to deepen their experience of the story depending on their own capacity, their knowledge of the community and their depth of spiritual attainment.”
— from Revelations in Trickster Medicine by Anna Earle Green, Spirit Well Holistics

While working as a ghostwriter with an editor on a creative nonfiction memoir project, I found myself in heated conversations to not make everything so obvious, so linear, while the editor adhered to the continuous clarity of themes, and the exact identity of who is doing the talking throughout the book to serve the reader. We drove each other a bit crazy, and I must say that I gave into her perspective most of the time even though the subject of the book is a master shaman, alchemist, seer, magician, healer and I felt it needed to reflect the mystical, rebel, trickster, outside-the-box character of the author in format, voice and content.

Traditional prophets disrupt the mundane to point toward eternal truths, but the prophetic trickster disrupts the “eternals” themselves, and in so doing points toward the plenitude of this world, the fullness it has when not obscured by all our ideas, structures, and rules for living.”
— from
Revelations in Trickster Medicine by Anna Earle Green, Spirit Well Holistics

In my heart and soul, I am more dedicated to “Trickster Stories,” whether they are in film or literary form. There are vital reasons why this is so about which I plan to share in the book and film. I don’t want Last Words to be another story that does not respect the intelligence of the reader or viewer.

As part of my research for this project, I will be reviewing stories (including short stories, essays, books and films) that are tricksters or contain trickster energy.

If we are on the same wavelength, do recommend your favorites.

Image Credit: http://mycanvassesaresurrealist.blogspot.com/2008/07/new-mcluhan-l.html

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  1. mollyjayne40 says:

    Thank you for following my blog. This post has inspired me, so I’ll be scurrying along now to set my thoughts to type before my they escape my mind. Keep blogging.

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